Project Dune is a stylistic venture into new yacht design territory, combining stark modernist gestures with elaborate texture details.

The hull has been designed with efficiency in mind. Its slender shape, together with the charismatic inverted bow, reduce the impact of incoming waves and the angle of incidence at which they collide with the bow. At the same time, there’s enough flare on the upper part to reduce pitching and keep the foredeck dry, rendering the vessel safe and comfortable in virtually any sea conditions.

The metallic wine-colored roof is a modern interpretation of arabesques and helps to get light in and the heat out of the interior. This results in the boundaries between interior and exterior to be blended.

At first glance, the DUNE 75 shares its powerful and chiseled looks with modern-day stealth frigates, but at close inspection, there’s a softer, more refined side that becomes apparent.

The taut surfaces and straight lines that form the basis upon which this new style was conceived lend an architectural, almost mathematical flair to this superyacht. The glass canopy is laid out on a diamond-shaped grid, while modular windows with an LED lighting matrix form a visually complex shape which at the core however remains simple to fabricate, maintain and service.

The integrated LED technology lights up the superstructure at night to showcase a light spectacle both on the outside and inside of the yacht, matching the charter guests style, mood, the location the vessel is anchored at or any special event organized aboard.


Ruggedness and elegance might seem to exist at opposite sides of the spectrum, but sometimes they fit together like yin and yang. The DUNE 88 explorer is one of those rare cases. Based on the strong lines of the DUNE 75 Corvette, this spectacular yacht was developed for the sophisticated owner who doesn't want to be limited in his choices. Built for the higher latitudes with ice-going capability and a myriad of safety features, this megayacht is the nec plus ultra in global exploration.


Guests are awarded spectacular views on the surrounding landscape from the upper deck's protruding glass visor at the front. Side-facing balconies expand the front deck while affording aerial views on the sea below.


The list of onboard toys and vehicles is seemingly endless, topped by an EC-135 helicopter with its dedicated hangar, an ICON A5 amphibious aircraft, as well as a Seamagine Aurora 3C submarine. Additional berths are foreseen for a large limousine tender, two fast tenders, jetskis and two SOLAS-certified lifeboats. There's even garage space for up to 4 cars and 4 quads, which can be brought on land by a massive crane located at the transom. Air, land or sea, this vessel has got the logistics covered.

The play of light and shadow is where the foundation lies of a well-crafted interior, and this megayacht has plenty of it. Multiple layers of glass, each with their own graphics layer create an arabesque or moire effect that projects patterns on the interior space while flooding it with patches of natural light as if one were sitting beneath the foliage of a lush forest canopy.