"My pursuit of balance between the familiar and the avant-garde aims to create truly iconic designs which carry in them the seeds of classics in the making”.

I have experience developing any type of yacht project, be it sailing or motor vessel, tender or superyacht, monohull or catamaran. Furthermore, an RYA yacht master™ background allows me to understand what's important, not just from an owner's perspective, but from a crew's perspective as well. Over the past two decades, I've worked with and for the biggest names in the yacht industry and excelled at disruption of the status quo, either by re-envisioning yacht styling or looking at business models and reinventing the way value is generated on a level that surpasses the product.

My deep practical experience of the yachting industry at large gives me an edge in developing designs, tuned to the demands of tomorrow, without sacrificing yachting's heritage in the process.

Being trained as a product developer, I'm used to taking a multi-disciplinary approach in all my creative work, be it on the subject of yachts, aircraft or architecture. I support clients at any level of the development cycle, from front-edge business modeling, branding or design strategy, over concept design, to back-end development for production.

My project involvement varies from in-house full design & development cycles to supporting the development teams of leading yards and naval architecture studio's on specific subjects like hull surfacing and fairing, 3D modeling, certification compliance or layout planning.

From the very start of my career, I have been involved in aircraft interior design for leading brands, focusing on the luxury-end of the market. My knowledge about yacht design has permitted an outsider approach to cabin design, usually resulting in design innovation, as well as a deeper understanding about the luxury market than is usually the norm.

Clean-slate concept design is where I excel. Based on client's needs, I'll look for opportunities in terms of accommodation, ergonomics, simplification, materiality or integration to create full user experiences, even beyond the flight itself. As is often the case, good design becomes the act of omitting the superfluous and honing the essential.

Over the past years, my wide experience designing small, multi-functional spaces and their further development during the prototyping and manufacturing cycles has allowed to push the boundaries of both space-saving furniture and modular building principles.